Virtual & remote working

Here at Mojoco we have been delivering support services for those working remotely since 2013. From facilitating virtual meetings, round tables, advisory boards and creative problem solving sessions to providing training and coaching for leaders working with remote teams; we have a wealth of know how on the topic.

Because we know what it takes to deliver fabulous virtual experiences we have developed our own approach to Developing, Designing and Delivering great virtual presentations. We call this our 3D approach and provide 1-1 coaching which enables you to build a presentation while learning a methodology that will last you a lifetime.

Take a look at our range of offerings and let us help you become Masters of the virtual world!

Virtual facilitation

Virtual Facilitation

You choose:

  1. Hire one of our expert virtual facilitators for your next on-line event
  2. Tap into our expertise and learn how to develop the skills required to facilitate fabulous remote meetings.

We have a wealth of remote facilitation experience; moderating events and interactions of all shapes and sizes.

Presentation online

Virtual Presentations

Ideally the best presentations are those that take place face to face. However, its not always possible to have everyone in the same location. If you have to deliver a presentation remotely you will require a new set of skills to get the very best outcomes and boost engagement.

You choose:

  1. Learn how to Develop, Design & Deliver with confidence, clarity and credibility using our 3D approach.
  2. Let us design and polish your next virtual presentation 
remote working

Remote working

Whether you are leading a remote team, working remotely yourself or simply need to learn how to regain the remote work life balance we can help.

Training: Leading Remote Teams – this 3 hr training is ideal for anyone who is required to lead a team of people across different geographies, time zones or locations. Its packed with practical tips and tools for increasing communication effectiveness, rapport building and team performance.

Training: Deep Focus – The reality of our world today is that we are practically available 24/7, at any time, on one of a number of devices we all have at our finger tips. It means however that our day is constantly being hijacked by distractions and interruptions. This short, 2 hour training  helps you leverage the way YOUR brain & body works best and develop personal strategies to achieve your own sustainable ‘peak performance’ while working remotely.

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Virtual meetings
Mojoco 3D approach


If your first thought is to flip open PowerPoint and start putting slides
together STOP. The 3D approach will help you break the knee jerk
response and replace it with with a simple and effective model for success.

The Mojoco 3D approach will help you:

  • Develop a compelling narrative
  • Engage your audience – and keep them engaged!
  • Use Tech to your advantage & act like a pro.
  • Deliver with clarity, confidence & credibility

Training Spotlight

Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving

The ability to develop creative solutions to some of your trickiest challenges is a core skill for any team.

Leading Teams

Leading Teams

Whether you lead a remote team or are in the same location; learn the vital skills for creating and maintaining a healthy, high performance culture.

Leading Innovation

Leading Innovation

Learn how to create the right conditions for innovation & creative problem solving to flourish.

Imagine the scenario – Virtual Facilitation

We recently took on the task of on boarding a group of over 300  leaders into an organisation. We designed and facilitated a series of 3 hour virtual orientation sessions and gained some great feedback from the client.


The client told us:

“The sessions Mojoco delivered exceeded our expectations. Many of the participants commented that not only was it a dynamic and engaging session but a ‘Masterclass’ in online facilitation. We will have no hesitation in reaching out to the Mojoco team again and again”.

Web meeting

IMagine the scenario – Virtual presentation skills coaching

We work with a variety of people across organisations to support their development of virtual presentation skills.  A one to one session enables our coaches to provide on demand personal assistance when you need it. Helping to build a presentation, coach for delivery or providing hints and tips on maintaining engagement and boosting energy. 

What one recent client told us:

“I was  a little skeptical when I was first told of the opportunity to avail of 1-1 coaching. I’ve been giving presentations for years and felt I really had nothing new to learn on the topic. However, after just a few sessions with Jill I realized there is a deeper art to learn and have benefited enormously from the approach she shared. I’ve gone on to refer my team for coaching and know that our function will stand out from the crowd when it comes to delivering presentations on line”.



Imagine the scenario

The Art of virtual PRESENTATIONS

A client recently came to us requesting that we work with their senior team to hone their online presentation skills. We worked with the team both individually and as a group; developing not only their skills but helping them develop their own style, voice and communication tine with the organisation. 

What the client told us:

“Thank you! A truly wonderful experience from beginning to end. Your team helped us learn the skills we needed rapidly and with humour. We have already experienced the impact of this communication transformation and wish we had contacted you years ago”.

Presenting with impact