“The several team sessions with Jill at mojoco were the most successful sessions that the team have had. We learned a lot from Jill and she energized us to learn from each other, emphasized the value of integrity, giving practical ideas for implementation.

The higher you are the harder it is to do the personal development and function as a high performing team. When you and your team are at the top of organization the issues you are dealing with are much more around leadership style, personal effectiveness, interpersonal skills, empathy, communication, listening, impact, clarity.

Feedback and coaching are very hard to give to anyone who is more senior than you or who is a colleague. With Jill’s involvement we moved forward a lot and kept the organizational energy directed at winning in the marketplace and lifted the fog surrounding the goal of creating high-performance teams. Highly recommended to have this exciting journey with mojoco.”

General Manager, Takeda Russia
Elena Kartasheva