We create and deliver training experiences with visible business results across a range of capability areas. Our combination of innovation & business experience means we have both real-world knowledge of the topic and can deliver it with creativity and flair.

All mojoco training programmes can be delivered in a variety of ways to suit your specific business needs.

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We Believe that:

Training should not be didactic

As such, we only design training we would want to attend.

Training is an opportunity

Training is an opportunity to not only develop skill but connect people with the organisation purpose. We take time to understand your culture and vision to bring a deeper meaning and purpose to each experience.

Training should be practically applicable

We take time to design content that can be applied in YOUR world.
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Warning: No one, ever has described our training as dull! We bring our mojo and engage participants so that the learning sticks.

All our training programmes are highly interactive and result in a positive experience with time for reflection, questions, discussions, engaging narratives, and role-playing.

We aim to inspire & motivate participants to begin applying their new skills immediately.

Training Spotlight

Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving

The ability to develop creative solutions to some of your trickiest challenges is a core skill for any team.

Leading Teams

Leading Teams

Whether you lead a remote team or are in the same location; learn the vital skills for creating and maintaining a healthy, high performance culture.

Leading Innovation

Leading Innovation

Learn how to create the right conditions for innovation & creative problem solving to flourish.

More Training Courses

We offer a range of customizable training courses for groups, teams, or individuals. All of our courses are delivered by expert learning professionals either in person, virtually, or via online learning.

Leadership development

A range of training to help build team performance.

executive coaching

Executive Coaching


Competency based recruitment

development planning

Development planning

leading innovation

New Leader integration

Presenting & Facilitation

Whether it’s virtual or in person we have a range of courses to build essential skills.

executive presence

Executive Presence

visual presenting

The Art of virtual presenting

presenting with impact

Presenting with impact


Storytelling for Business

Human Creativity

A selection of training to boost creative thinking & build innovation capability.

creative problem solving

Creative problem solving


Untapping ideas

light bulb

Productive ideation

leading innovation

Leading Innovation

Teamwork & Collaboration

From 1-1 coaching to new leader integration, we help build the skills your require tomorrow, today.

virtual meeting

The Art of the virtual meeting


Leading Teams


Team Diagnostics

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Imagine the scenario – Storytelling for medics

A team of Research Medical professionals needed to learn how to engage and inspire an audience beyond the data and research. As a team, we felt entirely comfortable when it came to talking statistics but less so when it came to translating the meaning into real life.

Following the development of a tailor-made storytelling programme, we delivered the course to over 250 Medical Affairs professionals.

Its popularity and impact soon made it a must-have training that was billed as the best.

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Imagine the scenario – Communicating with Candor

A team of senior leaders who found that their inability to give one another honest, transparent feedback and coaching was holding them back. With our training & support we focused on creating a culture of clear communication. This, combined with our High performing teams training enabled the team to create a shared focus and language with which to move forward.

The client told us:

“The several team sessions with Jill at mojoco were the most successful sessions that the team have had. With Jill’s involvement, we moved forward a lot and kept the organizational energy directed at winning in the marketplace and lifted the fog surrounding the goal of creating high-performance teams. Highly recommended to have this exciting journey with Jill”.

Imagine the scenario – Unlocking new ideas

A team of Marketeers who were getting stuck in trying to find new ways to differentiate their product and gain additional market share. It seemed as though everything that could be done had been tried and they needed an extra boost to spark new approaches and trigger different thinking.

Our creative problem-solving 101 training helped the team learn new creative problem-solving techniques and because it was tailored with their problem in mind they even walked away with some new things to try in the market!

What the client told us:

“You opened our eyes to how blinkered we had been in the past. The simple-to-learn techniques have made a big difference to how we not only work together to solve problems but to the quality of the ideas they produce”.

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