Remote Work

Remote working can be wonderful but it is not without its challenges. While we may welcome a shorter commute we can find ourselves working longer hours. Co worker distractions may be replaced with family or pet interruptions and while we might not have our boss looking over our shoulder we could find we are having to check in on virtual calls more often.

In this book I hope to provide some practical suggestions to help combat some of the most common challenges we face while working from home.

Learn how to:
Regain control of your workload, manage time, and switch off.
Maintain healthy habits to sustain your energy and focus.
Learn how to adapt your communication style to a virtual environment .
Walk away with:
New tools & techniques that help you to combat common, remote working challenges.
A course workbook to capture your important insights from the course.
A collection of over 40 hints and tips to refer back to.
Who should attend?

The ‘Remote Work’ workshops are ideal for people or teams who want to help themselves and each other achieve a better work life balance.

It is aimed as establishing a few consistent habits and routines that work to respect, support and protect the challenges presented by working from home.

This course can be tailored to your specific requirements with a deeper emphasis on elements of greater need required by particular groups.

Choose your delivery method
  • Bite size masterclass – (2-3hrs)
  • Virtual or classroom (max 6-8)
  • Open enrolment or intact for your company
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Remote working

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