Leading Innovation

Today, more than ever the need to lead creative problem solving and innovation has never been greater. It is a skill set all leaders will need to develop in order to gain competitive advantage, attract new talent and deliver on rapidly changing customer needs.

Learn How To:
Understand the key elements required to build a healthy innovation culture.
Leverage creativity & use tools to put innovation to work in practical ways.
Nurture ideas, assess their potential and test them quickly!
Sustain the right conditions for innovation & creative problem solving to flourish.
Discover a few ‘must have’ innovation tools leaders need in their tool belt.
Who should attend?

The ‘Leading Innovation’ workshop is designed specifically for leaders at every level who are looking to develop a new dimension to their leadership capability.

Choose your delivery method

This course can be tailored to your specific requirements:

  • Bite size masterclass - (2-3hrs)
  • Virtual or classroom (max 6-8)
  • Topic deep dive 1-2 day workshop
  • Open enrolment or intact for your company
Free suggested reading
Innovation Leadership eBook cover
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A leaders guide to putting innovation to work

This book will help you get started with leading for innovation.

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