About Mojoco

Jill Ellul founded Mojoco in 2013. Having worked at a senior level in the Pharma industry for 3 decades, leading a European business innovation team, Jill recruited the services of quite a few agencies over that time as she said: “with somewhat mixed results”.

After years of thinking there had to be another way, she decided to practice what she preached and took a fresh approach to deliver what she had been seeking from external vendors.

Jill has brought together a team of associates who represent the best talent in areas such as Training, Innovation, Facilitation, Coaching & communications.

This group of trusted Associates is complemented by a range of diverse partners who are available to support clients with anything from event Photography, digital artists, illustrators, and actors!

The Mojoco mission is simple:

To deliver 1st class training, facilitation, and professional support in a cost-effective, professional, and innovative manner.

Understanding your needs

Everything we do starts with a conversation. We dig into your issues to fully understanding what you need and work with you to develop the best fit approach and solution. We believe that its this collaborative approach coupled with our passion for what we do that keeps clients returning to us time and again.

Flexible approach

We don’t do a one size fits all. Our flexible approach allows you to decide on what is the best option dependent on time and resources available. You might need our services from 1 hour to 1 year; we flex to meet your needs.

Mojoco methodology

Using Mojoco’s proven innovation methodology, we work closely with you to deliver results that help transform your thinking around the specific challenge to unlock new opportunities for impactful business results.
Portrait of Jill
Jill Ellul, Founder & MD
Jill has over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry across a variety of commercial functions, including training, sales force management, business intelligence, business excellence and innovation. Most recently she principally led a European drive to build innovation capability and organisational change for a leading bio-pharma company. Jill offers a brilliant track record of strategic thinking & capability development through practical no nonsense human engagement. She is tremendously skilled in creating the right conditions for individuals to flourish and organisations to adapt and grow. In a few words, Jill is dynamic, engaging and passionate about transforming organisations and people. Specialties: Innovation, Design thinking, Strategy, Facilitation & workshop design. Sweet spots: All things innovation, Leadership development, Executive presence, Coaching, Mentoring, Capability development, Change Management & storytelling/crafting.

The Mojo Company

Why the name Mojoco?

Mojo is a noun that means a quality or the ability to help you be good at something. Originally from the US and associated with the music and dance culture, it has also taken on an additional meaning of personal confidence and charisma. Mojoco or the Mojo company is a name we feel sums up our unique spirit, passion, and approach. Our aim to help people, organizations, and teams rediscover their mojo by spreading some of our own! Our team of associates are ready to share their mojo!

Our Associates

Mojoco associates are a group of trusted, experienced and talented partners who provide specific skill sets and expertise dependent on project needs. We work with a group of core associates and have access to a cohort of additional facilitators and trainers who we call on when required.

Erwin Teichman
Erwin Teichman

Communications, Public Affairs & Strategy

Erwin is a seasoned communication, Public Affairs & strategy specialist. His broad experience spans a variety of organizations and business sectors (B2B, SME, Industry Associations, Tech and international organizations) Erwin has an enviable network in media associations and politics.

Specialties: Speach writing, Digital communication, Storytelling, content/inbound marketing

Sweet spots: Reputation management, Brand builder.

Languages: German, English, French, Italian basics.

Fidel Torreiro
Fidel Torreiro

Regulatory Affairs & Strategy

A seasoned executive Regulatory Affairs leader with 20 years’ experience gained in global, area & affiliate regulatory, market access, and quality assurance roles. Skillful strategist with a track record of successful: New Chemical Entities (NCEs) development acceleration; leading Marketing Authorization approvals and portfolio maximization; and implementation of organizational efficiencies. Expert line and matrix manager focused on talent development and the formation of high-performance teams.  

Specialties: Talent development, Regulatory Affairs, Marketing strategist

Sweet spots: Portfolio Management, Marketing Authorization.

Languages: Spanish, English

Sarah Stewart
Sarah Stewart

Trainer, Facilitator and Coach

Sarah’s passion quite simply, is enabling others to raise their performance; be that through coaching, training, facilitation or other performance management strategies. Sarah’s early career was in Pharmaceutical sales, before moving into her first training role in Medical Nutrition. Since then she has gained a wealth of experience in the Learning and Development arena, as well as in Sales Force Effectiveness and Commercial Excellence roles. Specialties: Coaching, Training, Facilitation, Sales Effectiveness. Sweet spots: Enabling high performance.
Sertac Süslü
Sertac Süslü

Pharma focused consultant

Sertac is an experienced trainer, facilitator and business strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Specialties: Innovation Management, Business Development, Training, and Business Strategy. 

Sweet spot: Organizational Development

Languages: Turkish, English

Eva Blake
Eva Blake

Personal Brand Photographer

Eva Blake

Eva is a Personal Brand Photographer and experienced marketing professional. Eva works with business owners to help their brands stand
out with striking and authentic personal brand imagery to show the person, passion, and the story behind the business. She helps to create
the vision for the imagery as well as executing this vision in fun, creative, and intentional sessions. Lifestyle Portrait Photography has
always been her passion and combining marketing and photography skill sets have been a match made in heaven.

Specialties: Visual Storytelling, developing your personal brand.

Sweet spot: Making you look amazing!

Paula Guerin
Paula Guerin

Healthcare Public Affairs Strategist

Paula is an advisor with extensive leadership experience in Policy and Public Affairs. She works in partnership with clients to shape a positive environment to grow and protect the business, helping companies connect to influence, collaborate and build reputation with key stakeholders.
Having a deep understanding of the critical success factors required to bring healthcare innovation to market , Paula can navigate the market access challenges and support the development of corporate positions on key policy issues.

Specialties: Policy and Political Monitoring, Corporate Positioning, Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement, Advocacy Alignment and Activation, Political Lobbying, Coalition Building Market Access, Corporate Sustainability (CSR)

Marjolein Van Eersel
Marjolein Van Eersel

Facilitator, Trainer and EQi* certified practitioner

20 years of experience in Pharma and Biotech both in commercial and operational roles. Marjolein empowers small and big teams to unlock their creativity for more business impact. As an innovation trainer and facilitator, she brings solid expertise in embedding an innovation mindset, process, tools, and ways of working in a corporate environment. Extensive experience in delivering innovation training, developing, and leading interactive (innovation) workshops across a variety of organizations. An Infectious enthusiasm combined with creative energy (as frequently acknowledged by managers and participants alike). Specialties: Training, Emotional Intelligence, Facilitation & Innovation. Sweet spots: All types of creative workshopping and training. Languages: Italian, English, French, Dutch 
Anne Wilson
Anne Wilson


19 years International experience (Asia, Africa, Europe and U.S.A.) in Healthcare: Pharma, Biotech, Nutrition, Wellness , Investment Banking: Operations – Property & FinTech  and more recently Publishing.

Anne enjoys bringing together her broad range of knowledge to meet new challenges and sole sticky strategic challenges.

Specialties: Innovation, Six Sigma Black Belt, Facilitation.

Sweet spots: Root cause analysis, process improvement, cost-saving and all types of tactical problem-solving.

Languages: Afrikaans, English, German, Xhosa

Donal Rowan
Donal Rowan

Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Donal is a Passionate Leadership Coach and Facilitator who uses Positive Psychology, Active Listening and Coach/Client collaboration to uncover clients’ talents and inner wisdom. His skill lies in his ability to facilitate positive change and constructive growth in both the personal and professional lives of those with whom he works.

With Strong communication and leadership skills, Donal provides a safe, non-judgemental space for clients to investigate and develop inner thoughts and meaningful goals waiting to be discovered.

Donal’s breadth of experience and wisdom has been honed over 30 years from an early career as an HR professional in training & developing teams, leading to the management of recruitment programmes in the UK and US in the Aeronautical Industry., and finally to being a successful business owner for the past 15 years.

This unique combination of commercial know-how and coaching prowess means Donal is a sought after professional.

Specialties: Developing self-awareness, unlocking potential, confidential sounding board Sweet spots: Helping executives & leaders find their true potential.

Christina Patterson
Christina Patterson

Writer, Broadcaster, Columnist, Consultant

Christina has given many talks to nurses, trainee nurses, surgeons and other NHS staff. She was also asked to do a guest blog for The King’s Fund, about the future of healthcare, which had a bigger response than any blog they had published before. She has chaired public engagement events on the future of the NHS, advised healthcare organisations and been a journalist in residence at the Department of Health and Social Care at the University of Surrey. Christina is the author of The Art of Not Falling Apart, New Statesman’s Best Books of the Year 2018. Currently, Christina is recording a series of podcasts; ‘Work Interrupted’ where she facilitates conversations about the future of work in a pandemic.

Work Interrupted Podcast link https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/work-interrupted/id1518498547

Specialties: Writing, Healthcare.

Sweet spots: Public speaking and engaging people.

Charlotte Christensen
Charlotte Christensen

Actor & Musician

Charlotte is a trained opera singer (Royal Northern college of Music) and an accomplished theatre actor (The Royal Academy of Music in Musical Theatre). She has appeared in shows such as Love’s Labour’s Lost at the Hackney Empire, Disney’s Greatest Hits at the Royal Albert Hall as well in a production of The Tempest in London.

As a business role play actor, Charlotte provides a unique opportunity to bring a scenario to life in ways that make training more dynamic and memorable.

At an event, she will remain in character throughout, using her drama skills to react and respond delivering a high level of enthusiasm and engagement.

Specialties: Business role play acting.

Sweet spots: Bringing scenarios to life.

Languages: English, German

John Underwood
John Underwood

Health communications, PA & Research

John Underwood holds an Honorary Chair at the University of Glasgow and is a Visiting Professor at Bucks New University. Over the past 20 years John has advised health and social care organisations – including health commissioners, health providers, professional bodies, inspectors, regulators and the Department of Health – on a wide range of complex communication and reputation management issues. Wide network of contacts in the political, public and media sectors. John Underwood provides a wealth of expertise around media relations, public Affairs & Health communications. John acts as an advisor to Mojoco.

Specialties: Healthcare industry.

Sweet spots: Complex communication and management issues.

Paul Lavoie
Paul Lavoie

Visual Communications


We can help you to effectively communicate on almost anything that’s printed, on a screen or otherwise seen. It might sound trite, but we genuinely love the craft of visual communication. From the poster that jumps off the wall and into your consciousness, to the video that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and even to that rare occasion when an apostrophe is used correctly, visual communication is our passion and our pride. You’ll see our love for the craft of communication in everything we do for you, from the first email to end result.

We can take care of everything for you – design, print, filming, video editing, stage building, web hosting and more.

Specialties: Creative communication.

Sweet spots: Design of all kinds!