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We help people and organisations improve collaboration, boost efficiency & build capability. We believe that improving the way organisations and people communicate, lead and creatively problem solve lies at the heart of improved performance.

Let us help you find your mojo! Mojoco help people, teams & organisations find their mojo through creating a healthy culture of innovation, leadership and communication. The fuel for creating competitive advantage and personal fulfilment.

Why Innovation?

Each day, innovators in the business world create new products, methods, and ideas. They manage to look at problems differently and come up with solutions others cannot, and they provide an endless stream of value to their companies. In fact, innovation just might be the most important component of a successful company.

Why Leadership?

The nature of the challenge’s leaders face today is becoming increasingly complex. It makes sense to equip leaders at all levels with the latest methods, thinking and approaches.

Why Communication?

CEOs around the globe agree, that communication is the #1 most valued skill; the ability to deliver messages effectively in small or large groups. But how many meetings, presentations, emails, and other types of communication hit the mark? Good communication is imperative for the health & performance of your organization.

What We do

Why Mojoco?

Having worked at a senior level in the Pharma industry for 3 decades, leading a European business innovation team, I recruited the services of quite a few agencies over that time, with somewhat mixed results. In 2013 I decided to practice what I preached and took a fresh approach to deliver what I was seeking from an external vendor! My mission is simple; to deliver 1st class training, facilitation, and professional support in a cost effective, professional, and innovative manner.

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“The several team sessions with Jill at Mojoco were the most successful sessions that the team have had. We learned a lot form Jill and she energized us to learn from each other, emphasized the value of integrity, giving practical ideas for implementation. The higher you are the harder it is to do the personal development and function as a high performing team. When you and your team are at the top of organization the issues you are dealing with are much more around leadership style, personal effectiveness, interpersonal skills, empathy, communication, listening, impact, clarity. Feedback and coaching are very hard to give to anyone who is more senior than you or who is a colleague. With Jill’s involvement we moved forward a lot and kept the organizational energy directed at winning in the marketplace and lifted the fog surrounding the goal of creating high-performance teams. Highly recommended to have this exciting journey with Jill.”
General Manager, Takeda Russia Elena Kartasheva
“You and your team helped us to build and animate a major team meeting. Thanks to MOJOCO, it was a great success. In two words: MOJOCO ROCKS!!! Your team did an amazing job in connecting, herding, energizing the group. With their tools, they really helped the team to capture instantaneous feedback from attendees which certainly helped to make the participants feel they were participating as a person, thus make the meeting their meeting! I recommend Jill and MOJOCO warmly.”
SVP Global Regulatory Affairs Philippe Motte
“Jill has been an amazing support in the creating and co-delivery of a tailor-made Innovation & Storytelling training for Medical Affairs at Abbvie. Great mind, fantastic spirit, super creative, great storyteller and get’s things done as well. A hard to find combination at an extremely competitive fee. We have worked together on Continuous Improvement and later Innovation since about 2006. Will be working with Jill on future projects and highly recommend her and the mojoco team.”
Patient Partnership Director Mark Sterckel


Training Spotlight

Creative Problem Solving
Creative Problem Solving

The ability to develop creative solutions to some of your trickiest challenges is a core skill for any team.

Leading Teams
Leading Teams

Whether you lead a remote team or are in the same location; learn the vital skills for creating and maintaining a healthy, high performance culture.

Leading Innovation
Leading Innovation

Learn how to create the right conditions for innovation & creative problem solving to flourish.